About us and our hideaway.

The Lazy Bear Cabin is situated on the edge of a private lake with wild ducks and woodlands. From the woodlands, you can see the Welsh mountains across the estuary from the viewing bench. The Cabin has a large raised verandah with seating overlooking the lake and open fields.

The cabin has an open plan lounge, bedroom and dining area with a mix of Danish influences, antiques, rustic salvage and an array of quirky fixtures and fittings. The cute little log burner pumps out masses of heat and will boil your kettle in no time at all. The huge picture window, adorned with lanterns, looks out onto the veranda and lake. As the evening draws in the cabin lights up creating something magical and dreamlike.

The Cabin

To stay in your very own Nordic cabin tucked away amongst peaceful woodland within the Wirral please click to book

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Hi, my name is Michal

You’re probably looking at my name and thinking it has been misspelt but it’s not. There hasn’t been a day where someone has not questioned its spelling, so to make things simple most people call me Mish.

For the last 35 years I have been involved in building global brands in the surf, ski and outdoor industry.

If you were, to ask my friends how best described me, they would say I’m a creative person, love the arts and have a passion for the outdoors and remote travel.

Over the years I have travelled extensively to some very remote parts of the world and have experienced living with remote communities and learning about their fascinating cultures and skills. 

Unfortunately during Covid things changed for all of us and I found myself in a position where I wasn’t able to travel so freely so I had to put the project on hold and decided to build the Lazy Bear Hideaway.

I am aware that this sort of travel is not for everyone so I have tried to create an experience at the Lazy Bear Hideaway where you feel a million miles away from the fast paces of the modern day life and be back with nature without feeling totally cut off from the outside world.

Glamping Toilets have moved on to a completely new level (I don’t want to spoil the surprise) but just open the chest of drawers in the luxury hand-built toilet hut.

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